The Objectives of Faith & smile we hope to achieve are

• Establish and grant shelter, to help build homes and lend our support for construction of housing to the people in need.

• Uplift children, provide them with information and resources for their education while granting them with all necessary supplies.

• Provide any kind of medical relief including tests and medicines and to allocate funds accordingly.

• Provide food, clothes and any other necessary provisions for maintaining a healthy life.

• Offer assistance in cleaning, and to lend support in maintaining an overall hygiene which will improve the living Standards of the disadvantaged.

• Provide the physically handicapped tools for mobility and the means for living a normal life.

• offer any aid in support for drug rehabilitation.


Mrs Manjeet Maan

Mr Gurdas Maan

Mrs Kanan Dhawan

Dr Deepak Tiwari

Mr Gurickk G Maan